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Over half of mobile phone users globally will have smartphones by 2018 and revenue from mobile app development are expected to grow to 76.52 billion US dollars in 2017. With more and more exciting ideas to solve everyday problems on the go and increasing use of smartphones, young entrepreneurs and established businesses are turning towards enterprise apps. These customized apps require a thorough understanding of the problem that the app will solve, a unique user experience and robustness to handle the gazillion kind of devices out there for this app to run on.

We develop cross-platform iOS & Android apps that help you cater to a wider customer base!

  • We write native applications which makes our app user experience very rich. This also means that your apps can easily make use of the device features such as camera, gps, mic and other sensors to make your app more feature rich.
  • We use cross-platform technology called Xamarin for our mobile app development. This means that we can write it once and it will work on both iOS and Android at the same time. Reduced production time means reduced production cost and easy maintenance.
  • We write complete enterprise apps and not just apps. Most of our apps are linked with a web based control panel which allows you complete control of the app’s content and data.
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Our expertise

Over the years, ii has gained experience in delivering timely projects and turning a business idea into reality. Here at ii we use the latest technology to create apps on the iOS, Android and Windows platform. Our development process ensures that we maintain agility during our app creation process which provides our clients with maximum value for their money. Every iteration allows our clients to be on top of their business priority and also bring in visibility of the end product early on in the project

We use native cross platform technology called Xamarin to write our apps!

Some of the advantages of writing Xamarin apps:

  • Xamarin is the only true cross-platform app development environment for native apps.
  • Xamarin allows its developers to use shared app logic. In lay man terms this means, we write it once and it works on both iOS and Android. This means reduced production time and efficient maintenance.
  • Easy API integration. This means that it is easy to write Xamarin apps as a extension to existing off-the-shelf products in your enterprise.
  • Xamarin has it’s own component store which makes it further easy for developers to write quick apps. Also, did we mention that we write our own components for Xamarin? Check out our tooltip component.
  • Xamarin supports c# which is the most widely used coding language. A team on single technology means we can offer quick resource backups as we don’t need developers coding in different languages.

Our mobile team

At the heart of all this is our team of experienced and certified developers. Add to it a fun loving environment and a strong leadership team and you have a winning formula. Happy developers develop happy code. We understand that a developer needs to stay updated with the latest on technology. This is the reason why we hold internal competitions and presentations to ensure that we can make use of the latest that is available. This only helps us design truly versatile and flexible solutions for our clients.

We don’t just develop apps. We write solutions!

  • As a team we specialize in web technologies such as API development, web based control panel and always running services that equips us with the ability to write complete solutions.
  • Our senior solution architects help us design robust solutions that can guarantee longevity and scalability.
  • Our team of certified SCRUM Masters and Prince 2 practitioners ensure that our clients always know what is happening and also keep the projects on course to delivery.

Our development process

Mobile App Development

Some of our recent work

Healthcare App

Patient and health record management app

Salon Management App

App to manage a salon business

Election Guerilla

Election only news app

Our other services

App Prototypes

A useful service of converting your screen designs into iOS & Android code screens

Enterprise App Development

Enterprise apps including system integration with legacy applications

Some of our satisfied customers

"It’s rare to work with technical engineers that are technically savvy, easy to work with and embraces transparent communication. We discovered this winning combination with Invertedi. They developed our mobile app called aMemoryJog – an app to track passwords and other private information. We partnered with Invertedi so that we could concentrate on marketing and pre-production planning. At first we were a bit nervous to hand off our flagship product to a team not working under our roof but our fears quickly dissipated once we received the delivery of our first milestone. The app’s user interface was even better than we originally sketched out, screens were smooth and responsive, and each week we received a progress report. Now that the app is completed and in the app store, we plan to continue our relationship with Invertedi as we extend our app to other platforms and launch new apps. If you are in need of a team to create your mobile app in a cost effective and professional manner – I would highly recommend Invertedi for the job. "
Steve Millerfounder of aMemoryJog and Flip Flop Software
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